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About Nino’s Confiture

What is Nino’s Confiture?
Nino’s Confiture is a jam made from seasonal fruits in Ehime prefecture in Japan.


We use plenty of fresh fruits harvested locally with skin, plus adhere to no additives and low sugar, all handmade jams.

In French, we refer to jam as Confiture. Add sugar to the fruits and vegetables of the most delicious time, pass through the fire, and give the taste deeply with spice and liqueur. Do not simmer sugar for a long time, leaving the freshness of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Ehime prefecture is a famous place in Japan as a producing place where citrus fruits are abundantly available. Local farmers in Ehime prefecture received fruit from local farmers in Ehime prefecture and are making a confit. A local staff in Ehime prefecture (Nino sister) received a fruit taken by a local farmer in Ehime prefecture and is making a Confiture.

There are 20 kinds of products of Nino’s Concerture. We are bringing fruits such as oranges to jam at the season and delivering them to everyone. It is like a jam that feels like eating the fruit as it is.

In “THE WORLD MARMALEDE AWARDS 2018” we received the “DOUBLE GOLD” and 8 “GOLD”.

We received “2star” in “GREAT TASTE AWARD 2018”.


Each page of this homepage is made in Japanese. By using the Google Translate button at the bottom of each page, you can translate it into the language of each country. If you would like to know more about Nino’s Confiture, please have a look.

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